Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Dearborn or Detroit

We’ve all heard the old adage — breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And food lovers everywhere seem to have gotten the memo — breakfast mania is sweeping the nation. You no longer have to settle for a greasy diner or a subpar fast food restaurant if you want to dine out for breakfast. Today, some of the best restaurants offer incredible breakfast dishes that will send your palate soaring to new heights.

Unfortunately, many breakfast and brunch menus are just an add-on, seeking to glean from the spreading popularity of the breakfast fad. To get a great heavy or light breakfast in Dearborn or throughout Metro Detroit, you need to find a restaurant that offers a unique and exciting breakfast menu featuring more than just pancakes and eggs.

At TRIA, we believe in providing an upscale experience in a casual locale. Our breakfast menu features old favorites you wouldn’t want to do without, which we’ve reworked to make truly original dishes.

Here are just a few reasons why TRIA – Inspired American Cuisine is the best breakfast spot in Dearborn and the surrounding area.

Unique Breakfast Dishes

The breakfast crowd has seen it all — oodles of omelets, a plethora of pancakes, a whopping number of waffles. These staples to the breakfast menu are essential. After all, for some, it’s not breakfast without a side of eggs. However, if you’re a true lover of breakfast, it’s time to expand your horizons.

At TRIA, we’re proud to offer these delicious classics. However, by putting our own twist on these well-known favorites, we make sure it’s like trying them for the first time all over again. Our delectable breakfast menu includes quite a few creative offerings, including:

  • Shakshuka: Although it’s a popular breakfast item in many middle-eastern cultures, you won’t find Shakshuka at the corner diner. This delicious dish features eggs baked in a scrumptious tomato and roasted bell pepper sauce and paired with griddled pita and feta cheese.
  • Breakfast flatbread: A good flatbread is like a blank canvas, and the chef is the artist. Our culinary artistic team paints our light flatbread canvas with house smoked pork belly, two eggs and perfectly smoked gouda for a sharp yet sweet flavor.
  • Crispy French toast: French toast is by no means an original breakfast item. However, instead of stale bread, TRIA’s french toast is made from spicy cinnamon brioche and topped with locally sourced spiced apples, maple syrup and the smoothest creamery butter you’ve ever tasted.
  • Fitness breakfast: Breakfast foods are usually thought of as rich, heavy meals that require a week of workouts to make up for. However, our Fitness Breakfast is a light option complete with delicious flavors that won’t tip the scale. Our three egg white omelet includes your choice of ingredients, with options like mushrooms, peppers, feta, spinach and more.

Can You Say Buffet?

The term “buffet” garners mixed reactions. Some people love the idea of eating as many foods as they want to their heart’s desire. However, most restaurants cram their buffets with subpar selections that are cold or stale by the time you get around to trying them.

At TRIA, the upscale dining experience extends to the buffet. Every day of the week, our buffet includes an array of delicious options. Each one is perfectly cooked to ensure that our diners experience a fully realized dish, not just another item to slap on their plates.

For those who love the brunch scene, our buffest remains open till noon on Saturdays and Sundays. So sleep in, grab your friends and head over to TRIA for an array of breakfast goodies paired perfectly with a Mimosa or Bloody Mary.

Contact TRIA to Make Your Breakfast Reservation

There’s no need to stress that you’ll miss out on the best breakfast in Dearborn or Detroit, as we accept reservations throughout our breakfast hours. Contact us today to book an unforgettable breakfast at TRIA.

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