TRIA’s Inspired Cuisine Makes It One of the Best Trendy Places to Eat Near Wayne County

TRIA, located in the The Henry, has become one of the most popular places to eat near Wayne County for several reasons. The top reason is our chef’s incredible cuisine. Taking inspiration from foods from around the world, he carefully crafts menu items that feature a variety of subtle and intense flavors. Not only do they mix beautifully, but they are plated to be aesthetically unforgettable.

Secondly, TRIA has gained popularity for our signature cocktails. These mixed drinks aim to mingle new flavors with old favorites. Finally, our restaurant has an extensive wine menu of more than 35 wines. Pairing with any meal is convenient and easy thanks to our commitment to celebrating the grape. You can also choose from a variety of glass sizes, including single glasses or 8 oz. quartinos that are perfect for sharing.

Celebrate at One of the Best Fine Dining Restaurants Near Wayne County

Are you looking for a place to take a friend or loved one for a special evening? We invite you to make restaurant reservations for dinner near Wayne County at TRIA. Not only is our location convenient, but we also offer special parking for guests. You’ll be able to relax in an enjoyable, elegant setting and create treasured memories.

Our Contemporary American Cuisine Restaurant Focuses on Local Fare

At TRIA, we are committed to using local produce and other ingredients. We work to deliver food created with ingredients from sustainable farms, and meats from sources that have not been fed hormones or antibiotics. No matter what you order, we’ll make sure it’s as fresh as possible, as well as good for your health. If you have any kind of special dietary considerations, let your server know and we’ll create the ideal meal for your needs.

Personalize Your TRIA Experience in Our Private Dining Rooms

Do you want a more individualized, personalized TRIA experience? You can choose to dine in our private dining areas. They have been designed to offer an open, elegant ambiance for any special occasion. Contact us today to talk about your next event, or make your reservation for dinner at TRIA! Taste. Savor. Share.