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TRIA: Enjoy Our Restaurant for a Private Dining Experience

Are you looking for private dining rooms near Detroit that can accommodate up to a dozen guests? Look no further than TRIA. Our award-winning eatery is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion, enjoy a corporate event or host a client meeting. Your guests will appreciate the service they receive, as well as the high-quality food and beverages on our menu. From the most popular craft cocktails to locally sourced entrees and appetizers, TRIA has exactly what you need.

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Create Your Own Menu or Order From TRIA’s Regularly Offered Fare

When you plan your small business luncheon or social gathering, you have options when it comes to the menu. TRIA offers two choices: You can create a customized menu or have your guests pick from our regular menu. Each option has its own advantages:

  • Customized Menu Package – With this package, you’ll know exactly what will be served to the people at your event. If you have a particular theme, want to limit the types of food available or are trying to accommodate individuals on a limited diet, customized meals are a practical choice. Some planners also enjoy putting together a customized menu just for the fun of creating a unique list of our specialty items!
  • Orders From the Menu Package – When you select ordering from our TRIA menu, you’ll give your guests the opportunity to dine on whatever they find appetizing on our menu. This can include daily specials and selections that aren’t available regularly, such as seasonal items. Because ordering from the menu means potentially having several different types of dishes to prepare at once, this is not recommended if you are trying to limit your private dining experience to under an hour.

Romance Is in the Air at TRIA: Private Dining Rooms for Dinner in Dearborn, MI

Do you want to sweep someone off his or her feet? Do it with class and elegance by setting up a romantic meal for two in a restaurant with private dining room space! You’ll be able to indulge in all the advantages that come with dining at a fine eatery, but you’ll also be able to enjoy your personal space. Don’t worry about other people — just focus on having a night out with the person you care about!

TRIA Stands Out Among Restaurants Offering Private Dining Options

TRIA has consistently stood out among other restaurants that offer private dining rooms near Detroit because of our stellar reputation. We’re not only known for our inventive cuisine, but we’re also known for our exceptional customer service and ambiance. No matter what kind of event or celebration you’re planning, consider coming to TRIA for a memorable day or evening.

If you have never participated in a private dining experience at a restaurant, it’s time! After all, when you have a meal in a private dining space at TRIA, you’ll enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Being able to relax in a calm, beautiful atmosphere.
  • Tasting incredible food items from locally sourced ingredients that are masterfully prepared by professional chefs.
  • Having access to craft cocktails and other unique beverages.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons that people love our private rooms for dinner in Dearborn, MI is because we do all the heavy lifting and take care of the dishes! Your only role is to be pampered by our friendly team who is ready to cater to your dining needs.

Consider Staying the Night

Are you hosting an event for many people who are coming from a distance or who could use a night of pure luxury? TRIA is located in the notable Henry Hotel, not far from Detroit, MI. When you make reservations for a private dining room at TRIA, we encourage you to make reservations to spend the night at the Henry.

What You’ll Get With Your TRIA Experience

At TRIA, Inspired American Cuisine, we strive to exceed your expectations every day. To help us deliver on this promise, we serve only the finest foods that have been carefully selected from across the region. We also maintain the highest standards when it comes to innovative cuisine. You won’t find typical Dearborn, MI, dishes at TRIA —instead, you’ll enjoy unique, fresh tastes that are sure to please every member of your party.

Have special dietary restrictions? Want a particular type of meal? Our chef is at your service. Just tell your server what you require, and we’ll do the rest.

For small business luncheons or social gatherings, the Private Dining Room accommodates up to 12 people. Parties may select off of the regular TRIA menu or create a customized menu. For more information on private TRIA details or to request information and reservations: