TRIA’s Contemporary American Cuisine Restaurant Menu Highlights Local Flavors and Ingredients

Are you looking for a restaurant with a fine dining American cuisine menu that regularly features elements taken from foods around the world? Look no further than TRIA – Inspired American Cuisine. Serving fine dining and American cuisine in Dearborn, MI, TRIA serves unique entrees and one-of-a-kind cocktails made by our world-class chef and talented bartenders. On average our customers have rated their dining experience, 4.4 out of 5 based on 381 ratings.

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One of the biggest compliments TRIA receives is for our fine dining restaurant menu that features fresh flavors and locally-sourced ingredients. Because the area of Dearborn is so diverse in population, our chef, Tim Enfield, has carefully cultivated a menu that features dishes from around the world. He also chooses local ingredients whenever possible, giving you a unique farm-to-fork adventure that’s enjoyable from the first to last bite. At TRIA, we believe there is no substitution for fresh!

For guests who require special diets, TRIA’s fine dining American cuisine menu currently offers more than 10 menu items that are gluten-free. As always, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask and we’ll be pleased to accommodate you. We understand that some of our patrons have dietary restrictions, which is why we honor all requests. When you dine at TRIA, we keep it simple: Taste. Savor. Share.

Find Your Perfect Meal on TRIA’s Upscale Private Dining Menu

Are you looking for the perfect meal? Have you been dreaming about trying a certain type of cuisine? TRIA has a menu that appeals to a variety of palates. Some of the house specialties include dry-aged Angus sliders, dill-seared salmon, the Henry burger with farm egg and crisp pancetta, the Lake Superior whitefish taco, flatbreads, and smaller plates. With an incredibly diverse selection of mouthwatering choices, you’ll want to visit TRIA and try all the items on our fine dining American cuisine menu on a regular basis. Want an appetizer to start your meal off right? Try our house-pulled smoked mozzarella, paired with one of our fine wines or signature cocktails. Choose from over 35 varieties of wine, and enjoy your wine in multiple sized glasses — whether you want a single glass or an 8 oz. quartino to share. If a cocktail is more your style, we always feature craft cocktails — many of them feature combinations you may not have tried previously.

Have a Special Event? Consider One of Our Private Dining Rooms!

TRIA offers private dining spaces for up to 12 guests for a cozier, more personalized experience. You can order right from our menu, or customize your menu to fit your guests, theme or budget. The people you invite to TRIA will appreciate our fine dining American cuisine, and you’ll love the fact that you won’t have to clean up at the end of the meal. It’s the ideal way to celebrate a special occasion or gather together a group of friends or colleagues in Dearborn, MI.

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Fresh and Local Food Restaurant in Dearborn, Michigan

When it comes to supporting your community, showing your appreciation for local businesses and making the most of what your area has to offer you, what you eat makes a difference.

When you go out for breakfast, meet friends or colleagues for lunch or spend an evening chatting with your loved ones over a delicious dinner, you want to pick the place you book your reservations carefully. Not only does choosing a local, independent eatery rather than a chain help your small and mid-sized local businesses thrive, but it also guarantees you’re eating fresher, healthier, more wholesome foods.

As a fresh and local food restaurant in Dearborn, MI, TRIA is a tasteful, fresh, flavorful dining option for every occasion.

TRIA: A Restaurant Serving Local Food in Dearborn, Michigan

Looking for advice on how to eat local and sustainable in Metro Detroit or wondering why local eating is so important? TRIA gives you all the benefits of local food with the unique flavor and preparation of an independent business. Here at TRIA, we believe in eating local, fresh foods to encourage sustainability and get the highest caliber of taste — we even shape our menu around seasonal local food.

Here are a few reasons why we love local food so much:

  • It’s Fresher and More Flavorful: When you choose locally-grown food, that means it doesn’t have to be preserved and shipped across long distances, making the food riper, fresh and fuller in flavor.
  • It’s Healthier: When food needs to be shipped across long distances and left in distribution centers before making it to the market or kitchen or ending up on your table, its nutrient supply decreases because the food is older. Fresher, locally-grown food has a much quicker transfer period from its source to your plate, meaning it retains its original nutrient content and is better for you to consume.
  • The Food Supply Is Safer: Because locally-grown food doesn’t need to be shipped across the country and we know exactly where our food comes from, it’s exposed to fewer possible contaminants — and we can go straight to the source to ask exactly how they grew the food, so you can eat with confidence.
  • It Encourages You to Eat Seasonally: Even though fruits and vegetables grow in their specific seasons, we use engineering to force them to grow off-season so we can eat them year-round. Locally-grown foods, however, only offer fresh, seasonal products, which taste better and are more nutritious.
  • It Supports the Local Economy: Investing money in local food from farmers and growers supports our fellow community members and strengthens other area businesses since what we spend circulates locally.
  • It’s Good for the Environment: Buying and eating local foods means we’re supporting and maintaining local farm spaces, avoiding preservatives and helping our local environment.

At TRIA, we serve unique, inspiring American cuisine using fresh, locally-grown ingredients from a seasonal menu. Because we believe in local food and sustainability, our menu and seasonal cuisine offerings are constantly changing to incorporate the fresh foods we can find nearby.

Wondering how to support your local business in Dearborn, Michigan, while eating fresh and healthy? Plan your next meal out at TRIA to savor our seasonal dishes with a local flair.

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