Choose TRIA, the Best Bar and Restaurant in Metro Detroit

Have you ever had the disappointing experience of going to a restaurant that just happened to have a bar or a bar that just happened to have a restaurant? At TRIA, you get the best of all worlds. Our incredible bar and restaurant serving people in Dearborn and the rest of the metro Detroit area is focused on both elements of our business. This means you’ll always be satisfied, whether you come for our drinks or a meal with friends.

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A Bar With More Than Meets the Eye

At the TRIA bar, you’ll find more than a place to get amazing cocktails, mixed drinks, and fine liquors. You’ll also discover a location where you can comfortably enjoy your favorite adult beverage. Our bar area has been designed so you can relax and socialize at your leisure. Stay for a short time, or sit with us for a while. Make sure to try some of our special bar drinks, which change daily. Some of our unique cocktail creations are absolutely tantalizing!

Feeling hungry while you’re at the TRIA bar? We can easily make your hunger go away by offering appetizing munchies, entrees, desserts and more. Just let us know what you’d like, and we’d be happy to serve you.

Best Restaurant With Bar Options

When you come to TRIA for our restaurant fare, don’t forget to visit the best bar in the metro Detroit area. You can always sit at the bar before being seated, or you can request drinks from the bar when you’re at your restaurant table. We also have an extensive wine menu, and your server can help you select which wine will be ideal with your meal choices.

Looking for a cocktail you tried years ago and want us to recreate? It’s no problem at TRIA. Our mixologists can work with you to make a delicious cocktail that’s exactly what you crave.

Come to the Best Bar in Dearborn, MI

At TRIA, our cocktails and specialty drinks are second to none. We always feature new specials, as well as long-time standard favorites. Indulge your tastes with any bar items you’d like, and stay for a while in our relaxed environment.

Make a Visit to TRIA Part of Your Regular Schedule

Do you like having a go-to bar and restaurant that feels like home? TRIA is the perfect location. We’ve designed every element of our bar and restaurant so you can enjoy luxury without having to be too dressed up. Having a casual day at work? You can still stop by TRIA for cocktails on the way home. Want to bring the family to celebrate a special occasion? That’s fine, too. Our bar and restaurant are here to serve your needs.

Private Parties and Meetings Shine at TRIA

Seeking a place to hold your next special occasion event? We have a private dining room that’s ideal for small parties. From business meetings to wedding rehearsal dinners, TRIA is your bar and restaurant in metro Detroit.