The Perfect Restaurant for Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

When you have an upcoming wedding in Dearborn, you need to find a rehearsal dinner restaurant able to accommodate all your needs. TRIA, Inspired American Cuisine, invites you to visit and discuss your rehearsal dinner options with our team. We’ll work with you to set up a rehearsal dinner offering the perfect atmosphere to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with exceptional beverage and cuisine!

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Choose a Menu Best Suited for Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Brides and grooms who come to TRIA for their wedding rehearsal dinners have choices when it comes to the menu for their event. Smaller wedding rehearsal dinner parties may wish to allow each guest to order off the TRIA menu. For larger parties, it may be more feasible to have a pre-planned menu providing a smaller selection from the regular menu.

Whatever you need, be assured TRIA in Dearborn will make it happen. We even have many gluten-free options and can transform most small plates, large plates and entrees to suit nutritional and dietary restrictions and preferences.

Create a Specialty Cocktail Specifically for Your Rehearsal Dinner

One of our calling cards at TRIA is the constant creation of specialty cocktails. Have one designed and crafted specifically for your wedding rehearsal dinner event.

We can work with you to put together amazing flavors making your special occasion even more personalized. For those guests who are under 21 or do not drink alcohol, we can make virgin cocktails, sometimes called “mocktails.”

Dining Rooms Add Privacy to Your Wedding Rehearsal Meal

Wedding rehearsal groups are welcome to eat in TRIA, although many guests prefer the privacy of our private dining spaces. We encourage you to visit TRIA in Dearborn to see these options, that way we can plan your evening together.

Make Reservations for Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Today

When you know the date of your wedding rehearsal dinner, make reservations at TRIA right away. Although we do our best to accommodate all parties whenever we can, it makes it easier on you and our team when we know in advance your group is coming. Plus, the longer we have to work together, the more memorable and individualized we can make your night!

Don’t forget TRIA is part of The Henry Hotel in Dearborn, MI. If you or members of your wedding rehearsal dinner party need a place to spend the night, The Henry Hotel is the perfect place. That way, you can also enjoy breakfast the next morning in TRIA’s full-service fine-dining area.

With TRIA, your wedding rehearsal dinner can be exactly what you want. Contact us today to start the planning process. We look forward to playing a part in one of the most unforgettable times of your life.