Steakhouse in Dearborn, MI

As a local and national fan-favorited food, we at TRIA – Inspired American Cuisine recognize the importance of grilling up a delicious and impressive steak dinner. It takes more than juicy, tenderized meat to make our steaks so delicious. Prepared by our specialized chefs with the utmost care, our hand-fileted and garnished meats are prepared on your plate with the assurance of quality and taste. With an array of menu options, TRIA is Dearborn’s favored spot for an evening or dinner meal.

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Mouth-Watering Flavors Designed by Local Ingredients

The final product of our specially crafted meals would not be made possible without the exquisite ingredients provided by Michigan’s fresh crops and meats. Our cuisines intentionally align with what is currently offered in the city’s marketplace to provide the crispest meals. We want to offer only the freshest plates, after all. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to eat skillfully crafted meals with a flare of Dearborn’s local ingredients at one of the best steakhouses in Dearborn, MI.

A Leading Steakhouse Near You with Options

As a guest in our American cuisine restaurant, you’ll experience one of the best steakhouses in Dearborn, Mi. If your stomach isn’t rumbling yet, perhaps a quick glance at our menu will do the trick!

Specialties include Lake Superior Whitefish Taco, the Henry Burger with farm egg and crisp pancetta, and the “Chef’s Daily Chalkboard.” Barrel-aged cocktails crafted by a special aging process designated to enhance flavors are also signatures of TRIA.

Not sold yet? Our steak-frites, a staple dish served in brasseries throughout Europe, provide a flavorsome overseas experience within the comforts of Dearborn. With farm-to-table ingredients, your meals are always guaranteed to be fresh and flavorsome.

A Meal Designed to be Shared

We know eating is more than just a necessity — it’s an experience. At TRIA, we strive to provide a steakhouse restaurant environment the whole family can enjoy. The best of memories can happen over a family dinner, brisk lunch, or romantic meal.
Take advantage of our private dining options where you can reserve a private dining space for the family, parties, or any meeting-related events. You bring the guests and we’ll take care of the dinner. You’ll never have to worry about compromising your dietary needs or desires, either. With more than 12 gluten-free items on our menu, halal-friendly meals and a variety of American and French cuisines, we offer an experience designed to be shared by unique and original customers.

Discovering Dearborn’s Favored Steakhouse Today!

Whether you’re craving a cooked-to-order meal, or are searching for the perfect place to share a hearty meal with loved ones, TRIA offers the optimal experience to indulge your taste buds in.

Come on in to taste, savor and share — we’ve got the rest taken care of.