TRIA: Fine Dining Restaurant With Business Meeting Space in Metro Detroit

When you want to host a private business meeting, you have two options. The first is to host it at your company. While this may seem practical, it adds an unwanted element of formality to the occasion. The second — and better — option is to find a restaurant with a private room.

In the metro Detroit area, TRIA, Inspired American Cuisine, has private meeting space that’s well-suited for the needs of corporate clientele. Our meeting room allows you to conduct your meeting in a quiet, beautiful atmosphere while being able to have food and drinks served at your leisure. Contact TRIA today to learn more about our restaurant with meeting space serving businesses from Southfield, Ann Arbor, Dearborn and the rest of metro Detroit.

Make Reservations

Offer Your Meeting Guests Full or Select Menus

At TRIA’s private dining room, you can choose to have a special menu from which attendees can make their choices, or you can have them order from our full menu. The decision is up to you and usually relies on how long you want the meeting to last, as well as the time of day the meeting is being held. Talk to TRIA when you make your reservations for our private meeting space.

Make Your Guests Feel at Home at TRIA

Are you entertaining clients? Want to take them to a place that feels comfortable and relaxed, yet upscale? TRIA has the environment you’ve been looking for. Whether your clients are from out of town or are native to Michigan, they’ll be impressed with your choice of our bar and restaurant. Our goal is for your business to look its best for all your private dining and meeting needs!

Special Meals for Dietary Considerations

Do you have several people in your party with dietary considerations or restrictions? Our chef at TRIA is well-versed with making meals that are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, those with food allergies and individuals who require gluten-free selections. Talk to us ahead of time so we’re able to accommodate everyone in your party. We want to ensure no patron ever leaves TRIA feeling hungry, so we’ll make culinary magic happen with all our meals.

Lunch and Dinner Business Meetings Are Better at TRIA

Whether you need a private dining space for a lunch or dinner meeting, you’ll find it’s just better at TRIA. We take all the worry out of having to find a caterer or cleaning up after your private meeting has ended. Plus, you can relax in comfort long after your meeting is over. Visit our bar and enjoy a leisurely cocktail or other adult beverage with coworkers or clientele.

Contact TRIA and Make Private Dining Room Reservations

Because many businesses in the metro Detroit area prefer TRIA for their meetings, it’s advisable to always make reservations for our private dining space. This ensures you have a quieter area to conduct business while at our world-class restaurant.