Free Things to Do in Dearborn Michigan

There’s so much to do in the bustling community of Dearborn, Michigan. Not only do we boast popular attractions such as the Henry Ford Museum and the Arab American National Museum, but we’re also a hop, skip and a jump away from Motown — Detroit, that is.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive day, then we have a whole slew of things to do that are free of charge in and around Dearborn. Here’s our list of the top seven free things to do while you’re in town.

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1. Fair Lane The Henry Ford Estate

Although the historic Ford family had 15 different homes, they made their final abode right here in Dearborn. Fair Lane boasts a beautiful 31,000 square-foot estate, which is currently closed for renovations. However, you can wander the grounds and gardens for free. Discover secret paths, trickling water features, beautiful flower beds and so much more.

2. Hines Park Trail/Rouge River Gateway Greenway

rouge river gateway 

Two trails combine into one delightful exploration of Wayne County. The entire path consists of almost 20 miles of natural beauty, scenic hideaways, river crossings and a few of Dearborn’s most beloved sites, including the university and a lovely view of Fair Lane. If the length is a little daunting, you can find multiple entry points anywhere from the trail’s head in Dearborn to where it ends in nearby Northville.

3. Dearborn Historical Museum

Housed in the historic Detroit Arsenal Commandant’s Quarters, the Dearborn Historical Museum gives guests the opportunity to glimpse into the city’s 19th-century roots. Your tour will include a look inside the Richard Gardner House, one of the oldest homes still standing in Dearborn, a testament to the pioneer days of yore. Although admission is free, donations are always appreciated.

4. University of Michigan-Dearborn

What started as a 200-acre gift from the Ford Motor Company is now a top-ranked regional university. Get a glimpse at the local educational scene when you book your free campus tour.

5. Dearborn Farmer’s & Artisan’s Market

dearborn farmer's and artisan's market

Every Friday, locals know the local farmer’s and artisan’s market is the place to be. Not only will you find the region’s freshest produce and flowers, but you can also shop through an array of stalls featuring amazing products from local farmers and artists. Meats, cheese, pottery, woodworking, soaps and more are yours to be had.

6. Greektown Detroit

For an authentic peek into the immigrant experience of 19th-century Detroit, come to Greektown. Established by Greek immigrants in the 1880s, this area preserves its Victorian-era heritage right here in the heart of downtown Detroit. It’s an epicenter of shopping, restaurants and culture.

7. Detroit Riverfront

Meander the peaceful pathways of the Detroit Riverfront, a restful respite from the hustle and bustle of this busy city. You’ll love the enchanting views this area has to offer. Plus, the Riverfront provides an array of free events, from yoga to concerts.

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