Invite the Office to Enjoy the Holidays at TRIA

The holiday season is officially in full bloom. Whenever you set foot outdoors, you’re likely to see bright displays of flashing Christmas lights, bundled-up children making snow angels and sparkling trees reflecting through your neighbors’ windows. When it comes to the holidays, no place is exempt from the seasonal vibes of holiday excitement –– the office included.

The winter season may mean the temperatures drop outside, but the joy indoors only seems to increase. You’ve likely noticed your co-workers have started to emit an aura of the seasonal jubilation themselves. As the year comes to a close, why not celebrate everyone’s contributions throughout the year with a festive corporate holiday party that ends the year right?


Of course, you can’t throw a successful party without indulging in a delicious meal. The holidays are not only a cause for celebration, but they’re also a time for enjoying delicious entrees and dishes, too! When you’re searching for the perfect location to host your corporate holiday party in the Dearborn area, TRIA is your one-stop spot for a merry celebration.

Choose TRIA for a delicious menu of seasonal favorites both you and your guests can indulge in while enjoying the comforts of our welcoming and engaging atmosphere. Whether your palate is particular or varied, we guarantee you’ll leave our bistro with your tastes met and satisfied.

A Taste for Every Palate

We understand every individual has their preferences when it comes to cuisine. Some like freshly roasted meats while others are fonder of vegetables and salads. At TRIA, Inspired American Cuisine, we feature a diverse menu that allows all of your guests to satisfy their individual cravings.

You can host your corporate holiday party with TRIA in Dearborn with confidence knowing everyone can enjoy a satisfying meal that best suits them. Our menu features the following seasonal dishes:

  • Winter salad
  • Roasted turkey
  • Mixed grill

For the holiday season, TRIA will also be offering a variety of various soups and salads to start off your meals with a delicious bite.

If you have guests with dietary restrictions or requirements, our menu provides your guests with the convenience of over a dozen gluten-free options as well.


No business holiday party in Dearborn would be complete without desserts and drinks, adding that extra cherry on top of the night’s cuisine. Our restaurant offers a lively and engaging bar area with delicious cocktails and fine liquors that warm your guests up even as the temperature plummets outside.

Place Your Reservations With TRIA Today

If you haven’t already, now’s the perfect time to place your arrangements for a corporate gathering that will add some pizzazz to your work atmosphere by indulging your workers in a night of festivities. If you’re searching for the ideal business holiday party ideas in Dearborn, don’t forget that the best way to celebrate is with a delicious array of tasty meals and treats.

Consider choosing our private dining options for your company holiday parties in the Dearborn, Michigan area. You and your guests will enjoy a unique and exclusive evening full of festivities, merriment and — best of all –– food!

To place your corporate holiday reservation with TRIA, just contact us via phone or email for hassle-free booking. We look forward to providing both you and your company with a beautiful night of memories and delicious entrees worth sharing.

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