The Best Wedding Venues in Dearborn

best wedding venues in dearborn

Looking for a place to hold your nuptials? Dearborn offers a wide range of breathtaking spots to exchange vows, whether you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony. Check out these wedding venues in Dearborn, MI:

  • The Henry, Autograph Collection Hotel
  • Dearborn Hills Golf Course
  • The Henry Ford
  • Dearborn Country Club
  • The Fairlane Club
  • Bint Jebail Cultural Center

Reserve Our Private Dining Room for Your Wedding Day

Each of the Dearborn, MI wedding venues offers something unique. Some provide both indoor and outdoor options if you’re getting married in the warmer months. Explore these six different venues to find the perfect spot that fits your budget, wedding size and vision for your big day.

1.    The Henry, Autograph Collection Hotel

the henry

Bring your fairytale wedding to life in one of the many possible venues within The Henry. Renowned for its sophisticated amenities for travelers, The Henry offers that same elegance for weddings held on-site. This upscale hotel features several spaces suitable for your wedding — including the Gallery, Presidential Ballroom and Plaza Ballroom — whether you’re planning a small intimate ceremony with only your closest friends or a huge soiree with hundreds of people on the guest list. 

wedding in the beydoun at the henry

The perks of booking your wedding at The Henry continue to your reception. You can easily hold the ceremony and the reception at the hotel, so your guests don’t have to travel between venues. Invite guests to reserve rooms at The Henry for the easiest way to enjoy the wedding. The Executive Chef on staff creates impressive gourmet menus often using locally sourced ingredients. Customize the menu to fit your preferences.

wedding in the tocco room at the henry

In addition to guest rooms, The Henry offers other amenities that make your wedding day more enjoyable. A massage from Silvia’s Day Spa in the fitness center massage room helps you relax before the big event. Book a massage for each of your wedding party members, so everyone is relaxed and ready to have a good time. Complimentary Wi-Fi lets you live stream the events or post updates to your social media accounts as the day unfolds.

wedding at the henry

Even your bridal shower and rehearsal dinner have a home at The Henry, thanks to the dining options at the on-site TRIA, Inspired American Cuisine. For small parties of 12 or less, the private dining space offers an intimate place to entertain your guests. The restaurant can also accommodate larger parties for all your pre-wedding events, like a traditional wedding brunch. You can order off the menu or customize a menu just for your event.

dearborn michigan wedding in the henry

Reserve Our Private Dining Room for Your Special Day

2. Dearborn Hills Golf Course

Dearborn Hills Golf Course offers indoor and outdoor wedding venues in Dearborn, MI. Run by the city’s recreation and parks department, this golf course features gorgeous banquet facilities inside and perfectly landscaped spaces for outdoor ceremonies. The Herndon Room holds up to 180 people, while the Grill Room is perfect for smaller weddings with its 50-person capacity.

If you opt for an indoor ceremony, don’t miss the chance to take wedding photos outdoors near the picturesque pond and other beautiful spots on the grounds. Or throw the whole event outdoors with the pond and manicured lawns as a natural backdrop for your summer wedding.

3.    The Henry Ford

the henry ford

If you’re looking for unique places to get married in Dearborn, MI, don’t skip over The Henry Ford. The Henry Ford is a museum showcasing over 300 years of history with an impressive collection of artifacts. Most people don’t get married in a museum, so you’ll end up with some unique stories and impressed guests.

This venue option offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for your ceremony. You can get married at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation with space for up to 600 guests and historical artifacts as your wedding backdrop. The Museum Plaza is also a popular space within the museum for ceremonies and receptions.

If you want your wedding to feel like a production, you can rent the Anderson Theater with your bridal party taking the stage, literally. Outdoor weddings take place in the gorgeous Pennsylvania Courtyard. If you book an outdoor wedding, The Henry Ford reserves an indoor space as a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate, so you don’t have to worry about last-minute scrambling.

If you prefer a historical twist to your wedding, consider holding your ceremony at Greenfield Village. The venues in this area are smaller. Martha Mary Chapel holds 125 people, for example. Eagle Tavern accommodates up to 135 people, and Taste of History seats 135 as well. You can even reserve the Herschell-Spillman Carousel for your wedding guests if you book a Greenfield Village dinner event, and you can show up to your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage to embrace the historical setting.

Lovett Hall is the final venue option at The Henry Ford. It features an elegant ballroom with vaulted ceilings and crystal chandeliers. The space holds up to 300 guests. If you want to get married outdoors, this venue includes the Ginger Meyer Garden featuring a limestone gazebo and beautiful brickwork as the backdrop.

The Henry Ford hosts many special events, so the venue is well-versed in coordinating things like weddings. The catering menus offer an impressive range of options for dinners plus an Afterglow menu with food stations for later in the evening. Additionally, since The Henry Ford is a nonprofit organization, the money you spend on your wedding goes toward helping the museum. You get a unique venue with delicious food, and you support a local treasure.

4.    Dearborn Country Club

dearborn country club

Tracing its history back to Henry Ford in 1923, the Dearborn Country Club’s clubhouse exudes a traditional feel for your wedding activities. The space holds up to 250 people, so it works for most average-sized weddings.

Beautiful wood detailing inside offers a naturally gorgeous backdrop for your ceremony and reception. Elegant chandeliers hang from the high ceilings for a charming effect, and the view of the golf course from the ballroom adds to the overall ambiance. Plus, the staff handles the menu planning and room setup for your wedding events. That makes your life a little easier and your special day a little more enjoyable.

5.    The Fairlane Club

The Fairlane Club features several different rooms to hold your wedding events. If you’re planning a large wedding, opt for the Ballroom, the largest space available at the club. It can be combined with another room if you need more space for guests. The Michigan Room holds up to 120 people seated at tables and has a fireplace and ornately detailed chandelier to set the stage for your event. The Oak Room is ideal for smaller receptions with room for 150 people at tables. For even smaller parties, check out the Hunt Room, which is two smaller rooms that can be combined for a total of 80 people.  

The Fairlane Club employs a culinary staff to handle all of the catering for your wedding. They offer menus for all meals of the day plus brunch and drinks with lots of options under each menu. Choose from plated, buffet or chef-attended stations for serving your wedding food selections. The club also has a spa and salon on-site. You can enjoy a relaxing spa treatment before your big day or have your hair styled for the ceremony without leaving.

6. Bint Jebail Cultural Center

The Bing Jebail Cultural Center is best known for its delicious food — at least that’s what your nose will notice first upon arriving at the building. As an organization dedicated to connecting the Arab community of American Muslims with other U.S. citizens, the cuisine is Arabian-inspired. Some menu highlights include the stuffed chicken breast, homemade hummus and Ooze, a popular Arabic dish with rice, vegetables and meat, usually lamb or chicken.

Do not be fooled by the Bint Jebail’s modest exterior — the cultural center’s exquisite reception hall can hold more than 900 guests. The décor is extremely luxurious, complete with gorgeous chandeliers, ornate lighting, decorative pillars and intricate architecture and moldings. If you are hosting a large wedding and want to impress all your guests with the beauty of your hall, the Bint Jebail Cultural Center is an excellent location to consider.

Tips for Choosing Your Dearborn, MI Wedding Venue

With so many options, it can seem overwhelming to narrow your wedding day down to just one location. If you’re not sure which wedding venue to choose, keep these tips in mind:

  • Guestlist considerations: How many people are you expecting? Some venues only accommodate a few hundred people. For many weddings, that’s plenty of space. If you have a larger wedding guest list, you need a venue to match. Likewise, if you’re only inviting a handful of people, you don’t need a massive ballroom for the event. Narrow down the list based on size restrictions to find a spot that’s best suited for your event.
  • Type of wedding: Think about your ideal wedding. Is it formal or casual? Indoors or outdoors? Traditional or modern? Your wedding venue plays a major role in creating those feelings, so choose a spot that matches what you have in mind. Some spaces are versatile enough to decorate to fit your preference, but others have a distinct vibe that sets the tone, whether you want it to or not.
  • Amenities: Convenience and a wide range of amenities make your big day easier on everyone. Consider the types of services and amenities you want. Opt for a wedding venue that has those features readily available. 
  • Scheduling: If you have a set wedding date, your venue choice may be limited based on availability. Start checking with venues early to have more choice. If your date is flexible, you may have more options for booking. Timing is also a consideration. For example, most spaces at The Henry Ford are only available for evening events since it’s an operating museum that’s open during the day. 

dearborn wedding budget

  • Budget: Wedding expenses add up quickly. The venue and catering can account for about 45 percent of your wedding budget. If your overall budget is small, you need to find venues that offer affordable packages and rental options. Compare total pricing for the venue. Some might include things like tables and chairs. Even if the cost to rent the space is higher, you could save money overall with those things provided. 

Book Your Perfect Venue

Each couple is unique, so exploring all the venues in Dearborn helps you find the perfect spot for your special day. If you’re looking for rehearsal dinner venues in Dearborn, MI, check out TRIA at The Henry. You can order your rehearsal dinner or bridal shower food from the standard menu, or you can customize the menu for your event.

The Henry is also a beautiful location for your wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, and wedding brunch. With the decadent food from TRIA, you’ll enjoy the elegant atmosphere our hotel provides.

No matter what you serve your guests, you know the experience will be delicious. TRIA sources the finest ingredients from the region and turns those items into innovative dishes. We can accommodate dietary restrictions and special requests, so everyone on your guest list can enjoy something delicious. Check out our upscale casual contemporary American cuisine for yourself. Then chat with us about booking your wedding-related events here.

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